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Elliptical trainers offer a great low-impact cardio workout. There are hundreds of ellipticals on the market today. Choosing the right elliptical trainer to match your needs and budget can be challenging. Ellipticaltrainers.com offers comprehensive, unbiased reviews and guides for all major elliptical brands giving you the information to make an informed purchase.

Best Elliptical Workouts

There are many workouts that you can do on an elliptical trainer that will help you burn calories and lose weight quickly and effectively. The benefits of an elliptical machine are the reduced impact on the joints, effective calorie burning, and full-body cross training. Here are two of the best workouts we can find for losing weight and getting in shape on elliptical trainers.

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Find the Best Elliptical Trainers

When you are looking to get a great workout from the comfort of your own home, consider an elliptical machine. The elliptical trainer has been making its way into gyms and homes across the world since its introduction in the mid and late 1990s, and for good reason. The benefits of elliptical trainers come mostly from their low impact as compared to traditional running and other sports that require limbs to make repeated contact with hard surfaces.

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Which is the Best Elliptical Trainer?

elliptical trainer ratings
At EllipticalTrainers.com we separate the facts from the hype. You will find reviews and ratings on over 35 elliptical manufacturers and over 100 models. We review each elliptical trainer and discuss the pros and cons. In addition, we give you our ratings for the best elliptical machines in various price ranges. These are the ellipticals that qualify for a "Best Buy" based on price and value.


Which Elliptical Trainer is Right For Me?

Beyond the price, how do you determine which is the best elliptical for you? Do you want a front or rear drive elliptical trainer? Should you purchase from an elliptical store or online elliptical e-retailer? Check out our Elliptical Trainer Buying Guide, designed to give you precise information on the important features to consider when buying an elliptical machine. Be an educated consumer and buy smart.

Elliptical Trainer Reviews and Ratings

Elliptical Trainers "Best Buy" Awards

Most Popular Elliptical Trainer Brands?

The following elliptical trainer brands are some of the most popular manufacturers on the market today. All these companies offer a complete lineup of elliptical trainers across several different price ranges.

NordicTrack Ellipticals
Proform Ellipticals
TruPace Ellipticals
Smooth Ellipticals
True Fitness Ellipticals
Precor Ellipticals
Sole Ellipticals
Life Fitness Ellipticals

An elliptical trainer can change the way you look and feel. But before you buy, do your homework and get the best elliptical machine to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

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